Clone User & Training Documents

Airfare Booking Options and Services

A guide to airfare booking options and requirements for comparison documentation.

User Guide

A how-to guide for creating, editing, submitting, and approving expense reports in SAP Concur.

Add Delegate

A how-to guide for adding a delegate to your profile in SAP Concur.

Report Checklist

Checklist of steps to create an expense report.

Travel Expense Type Details

Description of expense types for employee travel expense reports.


Descriptions of icons found in SAP Concur.

Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

List of specific Merchant Category Codes (MCC) identifying PCARD expenses that are considered travel-related expenses.

Expense Types in SAP Concur

List of expense types for each report type.

  • Expense Type Lists by Report Type (Word)
  • Expense Type Lists by Report Type (PDF)

Travel OnLion Training

Travel OnLion training options for booking airfare, hotel or car rental.