Finance Office Tools Power BI

The Power BI tool contains reports that are very helpful to the finance office and staff. Below are the instructions on accessing Power BI and Instructions for each report. The Power BI reports are limited to the Finance office and their staff. 



There is a new Report available: SAP Concur Processing as of 6/15/23 the report will allow you to see any purchase card transactions that are on a report that have not been submitted or is not assigned to a report. 

We have added Pending approval so you can see where reports are sitting and Out of Pocket Not submitted, Sent back.

Updated 5/1/24 to add Employee Department, the SAP Concur Processing report pages can all now be filtered by dept.

SAP Concur Processing (word)

The Pcard and Cardholder Status report will allow users to view the employment status of cardholders and the current status of the pcard(s) associated with the cardholder.

The SAP Concur Approvers report will allow users to view the current approvers that are assigned to a department or drill down to the various CC/IO/WBS assigned to their Business Area(s)


The purpose of the PCard Catalog report is to offer current and historical information about PCard holders.


The GP Spend report will allow users to view the cards that fit the criteria for the Right Sizing Initiative.


The purpose of the SAP Concur and SIMBA Details report is to allow users to see all of their SAP Concur reports in one place and also be able to see where these details are posted in SIMBA.