Itineraries & Per Diem

Create a standard itinerary/Itinerary actions

Create Itinerary 

Edit Itinerary 

Delete Itinerary 

Create a single day itinerary

Single Day Itineraries 

*NEW Non Employee per diem when travel dates are the same (how to avoid overlapping itinerary errors)

Adding per diem for multiple Non employees traveling on same dates

Assign more than one itinerary to an expense report.

Multiple Itineraries 

Add per diem entries to expense report after creating an itinerary.

Add Per Diem (Word)

Add Per Diem (PDF)

Per diem when individual meals are charged to a PCARD.

Per Diem & PCARD Meals (Word)

OCONUS Per Diem for meals, lodging and incidentals.

OCONUS Per Diem (Word)


OCONUS Per Diem for Overnight Flight.

OCONUS Overnight Flight Adjustment (Word)

Calculate and reduce per diem amount to actual amount spent.

Calculating Actuals Spent on Meals (Word)