Expense Entries

Expense Entries - Cash or PCARD

Add cash expenses -- not cash meal expenses

Cash Expenses (Out-of-Pocket) 

Importing PCARD charges into an expense report

Import PCARD Charge 

Assign PCARD meal charges to an expense report

PCARD Meals 

Add 1-day taxable meal amount

1-Day Taxable Meals 

When International travel is combined with personal travel and portion of the business expenses are taxable to the employee. Use the Airfare expense type to enter the taxable amount of all business expenses for the trip. 

Taxable amount business Expenses  Uses the Airfare taxable amount field

Moving/relocation Expense type is taxable to employee

Moving Relocation Expense taxable info 

Adding a Cash Advance to a report

How to reconcile a cash advance

Add an Event Expense- group meal expense (PCARD or CASH), Add Attendees, add a group of 12 or more

 Event Expense-Group Meals 

Add Attendees 

 Group of 12 or More (Word)

 Group of 12 or More (PDF)


Itemize Expenses 

Deleting or Editing Itemizations 

Hotel Motel Expense 

Add mileage expense using the built-in Mileage Calculator

 Mileage Expense 

Reimbursement Reduction expense type

Reimbursement Reduction (Word)

Reimbursement Reduction (PDF)

Currency Converter available in each expense type

Currency Conversion (Word)

Copy an expense to create a new expense

Copy Expense (Word)