How do I fax receipts for multiple reports?

When transmitting receipt information for multiple reports, each set (cover page and expense receipts) must be transmitted separately, allowing the fax machine to disconnect between transmissions. Most fax machines group multiple transmissions for the same phone number and send them as one transmission. This is known as the "toll-saver option." Unless you know that your fax machine does not use the toll-saver option:

  • Fax the cover page and receipts for Report #1.
  • Let the fax machine disconnect.
  • Re-dial and send the fax cover page and receipts for Report #2.

If you send a second set of receipts before the fax machine completes transmission of the first set, the fax machine may view them as one transmission and attach both sets of receipts to the first report. A fax machine does not see any distinction between the last page of receipts for the first report and the fax cover page for the second report.