How do I process a PCARD meal on a lodging receipt?

  • If the meal is part of a hotel receipt and the traveler is claiming per diem, the meal needs to be marked non-reimbursed. In the itemization, select the expense type PCARD Meal Expense for the meal(s) and check the Deduct From Reimbursement box.
  • There may be times that a Group Meal is the only charge on the lodging receipt (no room charges) if the traveler had a lunch or dinner meeting in a hotel dining facility. In this case the Hotel/Motel (itemization required) expense type should be changed to Group Meals/Mtg (attendees required). Complete all required fields. If the traveler is claiming per diem for the day, the appropriate meal provided box should be checked in per diem allowances in the Expenses and Adjustments screen.