What is the difference between report level and expense level receipts?

Report Level Receipts:

  • Report level receipts have been the standard receipt function in SAP Concur since implementation.
  • Receipts are attached to the report by image upload or faxing process.
  • Receipts are viewable on the Receipt menu in a New Window or in the Current Window.
  • Receipts can be deleted on Receipt menu.

Expense Level Receipts:

  • Individual receipt is attached to specific expense in the Expense List.
  • Available Receipts holds uploaded receipts waiting to be assigned to an expense.
  • Individual receipts are deleted right from the expense.
  • Unassigned receipts in the Available Receipts can be deleted there.
  • Expense receipt displays from icon on expense.
  • Expense Level receipts also display in the Receipt Menu with the Report Level receipts, but they are not deleted there.