Itineraries can be deleted from the Available Itinerary list. An itinerary assigned to a report must be unassigned and then can be deleted.

Itineraries can be removed from an expense report at any point prior to submitting the report. Caution: removing an itinerary or itinerary stop from a report will also remove all related Fixed Meal and/or Fixed Lodging expenses.

In an expense report on the Details menu select Available Itineraries. The Assigned Itineraries section shows any itineraries assigned to the report. An itinerary must be Unassigned before it can be deleted in the Available Itineraries section of the page.

In the Available Itineraries section an itinerary can be selected and the Delete button clicked to delete the itinerary.


  1. An Itinerary with a padlock in the column to the left of the Actions column cannot be deleted. The padlock indicates the itinerary is attached to an expense report that has been submitted.
  2. Deleting an itinerary that is assigned to an unsubmitted report will remove the itinerary and all applicable Fixed Meals and/or Fixed Lodging entries from the report.