Per diem expenses are added by clicking Details->New Itinerary to create and itinerary which will alllow Concur to calculate and create the daily per diem expense entries.

Click Next to get to the Assigned Itineraries tab. This is where you can select an Assigned Itinerary to edit it, or to unassign and delete it. If the Assigned Itinerary is correct, click Next to go to the Expenses & Adjustments tab.

Once in the Expenses & Adjustments tab, if any meals were provided during travel by a conference, a business group meal, or another source, select the checkbox corresponding to that Provided Meal to remove that meal allowance from that day's per diem. Meals presumed to be eaten at home or purchased on a PCARD are not considered Provided Meals. In the event all meals for a day are provided, no meal per diem can be claimed for that day. However, the incidental per diem amount ($5 for CONUS travel, variable for OCONUS travel) may still be claimed at the traveler's discretion.

In compliance with the University Travel Policy, for the first and last travel days, Concur will prorate those day's meal per diem to 75% of the overnight location's allowance. Travelers will get this amount regardless of travel time of day or duration of the day's travel.