Risk Management Task Force

Penn State Risk Management Task Force

The Enterprise Risk Management Task Force empowers employees to manage the risks they face every day in the workplace. The members of the task force know that the assessment of all of the University's risks is in the hands of its decision makes, and those decision makers are every employee from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart. Building off the success of the Enterprise Risk Management Key Initiative, which was operationalized in August 2010, the task force is made up of employees with specific knowledge of the evaluation and identification of risk.

That process of identifying risk changes every day as they evolve. Through the development of educational courses and risk lists, the key initiative committee raised University-wide risk awareness. Now that the University promotes a risk-aware culture, the task force is ready to empower Penn State employees to make good decisions.

The Enterprise Risk Management Key Initiative was a part of F&B's Strategic Plan and was successfully instituted into the daily operations of the organization. Thanks to key initiative manager Gary Langsdale and committee, risk awareness has successfully been ingrained into the culture of Penn State.