There are three scenarios in which the Deduct from Reimbursement check box should be selected:

  1. The expense is a personal, non-business expense, and should not be paid by the University;
  2. Any non-group CONUS meal -- by policy CONUS meals are reimbursed using per diem;
  3. Any OCONUS non-group meal or OCONUS lodging expense that is not being claimed as an actual.

When a traveler uses a PCARD for an expense that is reimbursed as per diem, the Deduct from Reimbursement box MUST be checked so the University is not paying for the same expense twice.

NOTE: When the Deduct from Reimbursement box is checked on a PCARD transaction, the amount will be offset against any reimbursement due to the traveler. If no reimbursement is due to the employee, the non-reimbursable amount will be deducted from the employee's pay.