2020-03-12 SAP Concur is the new name for Employee Reimbursement System (ERS)

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Concur has always been the software application behind ERS and when the application was purchased by SAP the name was changed to SAP Concur.  With the integration between SIMBA and SAP Concur, new modules are being added that will enhance the application to allow functionality beyond reimbursing employees.

The gold button labeled “Login To Concur” in the upper right corner of the page next to the Search field will continue to be the login for SAP Concur and the gold FAQ button will redirect you to the Frequently Asked Questions page for SAP Concur.  A blue “Contact” button in the upper right corner will redirect you to a web form you can complete to submit a request for assistance to SAP Concur Support Staff.  SAP Concur Alerts provides notification of future, current and resolved issues specifically for SAP Concur users.