2020-04-29 FY 20192020 Year-End Closing Guidelines and SIMBA Cutover

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The SIMBA website has a TAB called Cutover, which provides an overview of the IBIS to SIMBA Transition Process, as well as the University deadlines for transaction processing for FY 19-20 as well as for when transactions for FY 20-21 can be processed in SIMBA.  Please review this website to assure that you understand the impact the conversion and cutover will have on your operations as we close out IBIS for 2019-2020 and begin managing the new year in SIMBA.


Keep in mind that your business area or unit may set earlier deadlines than those listed on the SIMBA website Cutover section.   Your Financial Officer will let you know of any specific deadlines for your college, campus, or administrative unit.


Questions about the Year-End Closing, the transition from IBIS to SIMBA, and how your unit can assure that year-end spending is done wisely and efficiently, can be directed to your Financial Officer.