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The SAP Concur issue,  when the user clicks to open the printed reports menu and they just get the error message (loading) and it never opens. 


Concur support has come up with a work around. 

Steps for the work around: 

1. The Employee or Delegate will need to Submit the report first if it's not already submitted and is still awaiting documentation.

2. Then the Employee or Delegate (if the report is waiting on documentation that needs attached)  will need to immediately Recall that report by clicking the Recall button in the upper right hand corner of the report.

3. Next work with someone in the finance office who has the expense processor permission(Process Reports)  to open the report from that processor's screen. They will need to look up the report by Report ID or Report Name.


4. From the above Process Reports screen open the report Print/Email menu and select the printed report needed.

Once the report is opened use the options at the top of the page to either download the printed report and send it to the delegate/employee or email from that screen. 


5. The employee or Delegate would then attach the document to the report. 



If you have questions, please contact the helpdesk [email protected]

thank you